Fostering digital transformation in the textile industry


Small-scale partnerships in vocational
education and training

The textiles and clothing manufacturing sector in Europe is facing several challenges; owing to the financial crisis, the competition from emerging markets, the environmental demands, etc., and more recently, the crisis generated by COVID-19. The sector, one of the largest and most important in Europe, in order to rise above the existing and foreseen challenges, needs to reassess its position by assuming the two drivers of competitiveness: green transition and digital transformation.

In that sense, the main objective of DI4TEX is to foster the digital transformation of the textile industry by providing its employees with the requires skills to face the current challenges of the sector.

The rapid advance of digital operation technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions represent a great opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the textile manufacturing industry. Specific objectives are: 

    To detect the specific needs

    and lack of skills in the textile industry to make the digital transformation possible.

      To create a virtual training programme

      to provide the required knowledge and skills.

        To test transnational partnership

        which can be sustained beyond the project to jointly face the common challenges of the textile industry.

          The main result will be a virtual training programme covering the lack of knowledge in the Catalan and Slovenian textile industries related to digitalization.

            With this project, our aim is to bridge these gaps and improve the level of digital adoption amongst industry stakeholders and effectively improve digital skillsets.

              ‘Technology is the enabler and people are the leaders’.

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              DI4TEX project (Fostering digital transformation in the textile industry; project reference number KA210-VET-DDE7F72A) is co-funded by European Union.

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